BASIC POND CONSTRUCTION 101 Can you just dig a hole in the ground? – In short- YES * By koiman– In partially repeated with images. Find me under under Koiman #144CEE to confirm I’m certified.

REMEMBER: More water, bigger, deeper ponds require thicker lining. This creates a thicker shell, necessary to remain without shifting over time. Heavier items like boulders or statues will, “settle into” Seal Tite verses resting, “on top” of this lining. Since it’s polyurea is semi elastic, slight elongation occurs with more weight (PSI).

Geotextile necessary? For low clay %, sandy soils or very wet, rainy climates, woven or EPDM geotextile is included with packages. Excess Seal Tite thickness, while more rigid allows more soil shifting but woven geotextile costs less.

Geotextile’s elasticity and elongation is much lower than Seal Tite’s polyurea. Therefore harder shell is with woven geotextile, more flexible shell is with pure Seal Tite. If geotextile is EPDM, this is more rigid than polyurea alone but is more flexible than woven.

Woven Seal Tite thickness is approximately 10 to 20 mils. It’s a hard plastic-like poly with very minimal elasticity. Geotextile costs more and adds complexity to the job but it adds strength to the structure. EPDM Seal Tite is 50 mils.

* While this advice presumes plumbing, filtration, drainage details are known or to be decided, it’s also assumed that use of simplified, top entries serve best as lowest cost startup systems.

How to apply: Seal Tite is advised to be sprayed, using SLC loaned or included spray-rigs; bigger area requires larger guns or pumped spray systems. Rolling is possible with heavy-made, aluminum, yoke/bracket framed, and low profile bearing rollers. Mixing and details are simplified in directions. Technical support is by appointment 24/7 (1-321-252-0334 / ).

Job time after pond shape was created and compacted: Mixing, general preparation, Spraying (rolling) requires approximately 20 minutes per 120 square feet. Geotextile laying range is similar, if used. Cure time range is 8 hours to 96 hours. Depends on temperature, humidity, thickness and whether or not geotextile is included.

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