Lifetime Bedliner Warranty

The Spray-Lining Backed Warranty

The Spray-Lining Warranty covers all Bedliner and Clear Bra applications
Spray-Lining is a manufacturer of high quality coatings and linings. Spray-Lining develops spray on bedliner, u/v stable clear protection solutions, protective coatings for industrial protection, farms and manufacturing as well as Koi Ponds and water containment. Because Spray-Lining is a manufacturer of these chemicals they are able to provide a superior level of service directly to their dealers and distributors. This is how Spray-Lining provides a lifetime, truly transferable warranty to all of it’s customers, distributors and dealers. View the Spray-Lining Warranty

Spray on Clear Bra Warranty

Perfection Auto Body strives for excellence in all of it’s services. After searching long and hard, PCS partnered with Spray-Lining to provide the best of class warranty for it’s superior Spray on Clear Bra. Unlike the 3M Ventureshield system, PCS offers the only permanent protection solution that is repairable and blends seamlessly with your vehicle. Offering better tensile strength, ding protection as well as variable application options for the exact purpose of the job, PCS brings you the only lifetime warranty transferable warranty.

When you read other installer warranties, they basically protect against obvious mistakes made during installation (usually due to improper procedure) or gross defects of material. PCS and Spray-Lining offers a warranty that cannot be beat.

How do we do that?

Because we have a diverse business here in Wisconsin – Burlington, Milwaukee, Franklin, Mt. Pleasant & Racine we make business and keep business by forming strong relationships with our clients. This makes a lifetime warranty that protects the buyer from damage to the clear bra solution beneficial to us. Word of mouth and return customers equals more customers and bigger sales in the long term. This is how we do it.