Know your getting real polyurea or coatings services; The Spray-on Lining Review:


  1. Waterscape: Koi / Fish Pond, Water Retention, Tanks, Cascades, Fountains
  2. Truck Bed Sprayed Liner, Full Jeep Lining, Boat Interior or Hull Lining, Trailer interior / exterior
  3. Specialty roof solutions
  4. Slip-Proof Livestock flooring, manure pit polyurea seal; Anti-Stick
  5. Dumps, Chutes, Hoppers, Specialized Containers


Review of Credibility: All Lining & Coating Services or SLC themselves:

Review Facts to Prevent Fakes, Phonies, Cheap SLC or Competing Brand Copies

SLC applicators certifications can be checked. Applicator’s contact information should be confirmed via Google Maps, their own website should be linked to SLC available at:

  1. Standard SSPC ACS-1/NACE 13 Regarding Coating Applicator Certification
  3. Certifications and standards; NACE; NACE; NCCER; SSPC; Worker training

There’s no difference between verifying license / photo ID / Social Security number when you hire a house keeper, back ground check a new baby sitter or hire anyone with, simple references who “exist” and confirming an SLC dealership or applicator is certified by “Spray Lining & Coatings”.  Don’t be fooled! If our applicator is real they’d have no issue providing reasonable proof and references to inspect. False applicator cert or fake names or brands used in coatings will be your problem. You’ll pay much more to remove inferior product. Cleaning dry coating or lining is a tough job.  One paid, locating or apprehending the act is not likely. Weather you have a serious, complex coating job or basic truck bed liner job you have rights. Any credible professional should feel for and respect your concern; knowing you’re serious simply qualifies you as a potential client who can pay them.                                                                                                               For Koi or Fish Pond, Tank or Waterscape Coating this helps BASIC POND CONSTRUCTION 101 (pond post with images)

For Sprayed-on Truck Bed Liner other Slip-Proof / flex or Anti-Stick / hard see SMALL vs LARGE POLYUREA JOBS


WATCH OUT FOR THESE: Facebook profiles with no contact info, same with Google Plus, no directory listing, a cheap, crumby website, any, “business” or “professional” with no location. What’s known as, “Brick & Mortar” is your requirement.  Fakes will have answers for everything, anything can be done, it’s always doable but they need a deposit now (or fast) and be upset on revealing credentials.  Inexperienced coatings applicators, notwithstanding any crook gets upset or frustrated upon questioning their integrity in any way. “Spray-Lining & Coatings” is not Spray-Liner, Spraylining, Sprayliner or Spray-Coating & Lining. We’ve observed copies of Line-X, SLC or Rhino Linings. Notice names such as Spray-Rhino Linings, Spray-Line-X, etc that mostly disappeared by now. Because of trade mark infringement, Cease and Desist orders get sent.


There’s only one WWW.SPRAY-LINING.COM for Spray Lining and Coatings owned by Flexible Lining Systems, LLC; no others. Applicators that are not owners must either work for a person, a company or are affiliated with an entity that must contain the above with cert# and clear verifiable contact info. We suggest being respectful and unassuming as possible; give the guy/gal no attitude or any reason to get upset.   Now if he/she gets negative or testy in any way, caveat! Be on your way, keep looking. Thank you!


Spray Lining Vendor Reviews

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